Chinchilla Persian

At a Glance

Nicknames: Chinchi

AC name: Snowball
AC clothes: bow (girls) or naked (boys)

AC coat colors:
AC eyelid colors:
AC eye colors:
AC markings: none
pawpads: pink-75
tongues: pink

genetic combinations possible: 2

tricksters: ?

personality: sleepy, annoying

In Detail

The only important variety for the chinchilla persian is the eye colors:

2/3 times you will get a cat with blue eyes, and 1/3 times you will get a cat with green eyes.

Also notice in the picture above that one cat has a bow while the other doesn't.
1/3 of chinchillas out of the AC will not be wearing a bow, and they will always be male.
2/3 of chinchillas out of the AC will be wearing a bow, and will always be female.
This time, the programmers acknowledge their sexism in the programming: "; sexist - pink bow <=> female"

Another variation is the level of fuzziness. These two catz have different levels of fuzziness. Can't tell? Me either. So I'm ignoring it.


The chinchilla personality annoys me to no end. Even in my earliest days of petz I wondered why anyone would ever adopt a chinchilla persian. After all, the Persian breed gave you the awesome poofy fur and was about 100x better.

Chinchillas like to sleep a lot.

Then one day, someone told me the true purpose of adopting a chinchilla persian: they are the perfect breed to torture! ohhhhh! this explains everything! Here are some pictures of the perfect tool of torture: the watering can.

and why are they so fun to torture? Because they curl up into a little ball, then let you do whatever you want to them!

P.F. Magic Description: Chinchilla Persians tend to be vain and a little prissy. This breed of Catz hates any activity that might mess up its glorious fur coat!

Tips for Breeding Projects

Best variety: doesn't really matter unless you are going for a specific eye color.

Best traits: Chinchilla ears are really cute on mixies!

Worst traits: everything eeeeeellllseeeeeeee

Programmed Variations

3. teal-6 eyes
2. teal-6 eyes
1. green-2 eyes

2.B more fuzzy
1. less fuzzy

3.C pink bow & female
2. pink bow & female
1. no clothes & male

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