Maine Coon

At a Glance

Nicknames: Coon, MC

AC name: Frisky
AC clothes: none

AC coat colors: (tan)
AC eyelid colors:
AC eye colors:
AC markings: chest patch, white feet, can be with or without face streak
pawpads: orange-65
tongues: pink

genetic combinations possible: 4

tricksters: ?

personality: frisky, playful, energetic

In Detail

There are only a few varieties in AC maine coons.

There are two possible eye colors: green-2 and grey-125. There is a 2/3 chance for grey and a 1/3 chance for green. Then you can have a cat with a face streak or without one. Only 1/3 catz will have a face streak. Here is a picture of all possible combinations.


Playful and energetic, the maine coons are always jumping around!

Maine coons are known for climbing on walls.

Here are some maine coons being playful.

P.F. Magic Description: This breed of Catz is fun loving and energetic and will chase mice, Catz and even Dogz! The boundless energy of this breed can lead to climbing on the ceiling.

Tips for Breeding Projects

Best variety: face streak! and I think green eyes are better for mutations.

Best traits: face streak, chest patch. I like their body shapes too. They are a little bigger than the average cat and can sometimes make mixies look bigger than normal.

Worst traits: I don't like the texture, though some people do.

Breeding Purebreds

Maine Coons have a special kind of mutation that no first generations have, but can come up in the second generation or above:

normal ears vs. flecked ears
While many purebreds will have the regular coon ears with the white triangles, like the first cat in this picture, some can be born with ears like the second cat. These ear interiors are flecked and have a less distinct shape. Many thanks to Kala for pointing this out and contributing this information! Usually about 50% of Maine Coons born from first generations have the triangular inner ears, and about 50% have the flecked inner ears.

Another interesting note on breeding purebred Maine Coons: the face streak is a somewhat "dominant" trait, and will pass down more often than the lack of a face streak. When I bred a first generation with a face streak to a first generation without a face streak, the face streak passed down 2/3 times (66%).

Programmed Variations

3. grey-125 eyes
2. grey-125 eyes
1. green-2 eyes

3. no face streak
2. no face streak
1. face streak

plus some other size variations that don't make too much of a difference.

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